Flexi Hire Purchase

In 1990, Flexi Team group of companies developed the Hire Purchase Software for Motor, Electrical & Furniture shops and todate, more than 400 copies have been sold.  In the year 2003, the R & D team was formed to explore and implement changes in IT technology & future software expandability for the upgrading, improvement and enhancement of the Hire Purchase Software.

Our company is exclusively appointed to carry Flexi HP products & Support for East Malaysia market. Since year 2009, we had been implementing the software across Sarawak region. Our clients include Motorbike trader, Used/Recon Car Dealer, Furniture & Electrical Appliance Shop and even Licensed Money Lender company.


Features for FLEXI Hire Purchase Motor

  • Fully 32bit Windows Integrity
  • SQL Database
  • Multi Branch
  • Motor Stock
  • Posting to UBS Accounting / SQL Accounting
  • Link to CTOS
  • Record Hirer Loan Particulars
  • Auto Calculate Finance Charge & Overdue Interest
  • Auto Generate Reminder, 4th Schedule, Final Notice, Repossession and 5th Schedule
  • Print Finance Agreement Form
  • Tight Security User Access Level Control
  • Audit Trial Report
  • Report Writer

Additional Modules

  • MyKad Reader
  • SMS Center
  • Runner Control
  • Block Finance
  • Insurance & Road Tax




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