3G Technology

Benefits of 3G include bring the Internet to everywhere you go. 3G is useful for user that travel a lot, do not have any fix line at home or office and user that need internet access at every location. The 3G can be use both Laptop or Desktop.

Services / Speed Lowest Medium Standard High Highest
Streamyx 384 kbps 512 kbps 1.0 mbps 2.0 mbps 4.0 mbps
Jaring Dial-up 2+ kbps 3+ kbps 4+ kbps
TmNet Dial-up 2+ kbps 3+ kbps 4+ kbps
3G 100 kbps 384 kbps 3.6 mbps
Edge 3+ kbps

All the speed shown is average and claimed by the service provider. An actual speed depends on area, setting and hardware. Streamyx and TmNet refer to www.tm.net.my. Jaring refer to www.jaring.my. 3G and Edge service refer to www.maxis.com.my, www.digi.com.my or www.celcom.com.my

Various plans, offers and rates available from different 3G providers. All application, delivery and installation are FREE! If 3G service provider required deposit or stamp fee, customer have to bind to this fees. For more info, provide us your Full name, home phone number, Hand Phone number. We will contact in short while!

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