Is your computer in a good condition?

Here is the very basic instruction of checking your Computer from harmful virus, Windows corrupt or computer overload. Before performing the test below, please restart your computer for more accurate result. If you fail any of below basic instruction, you do need our service!

Windows XP

(Test 1) Press clt + alt + del.
if your screen appears (Pic. 1) Or any error message pop and you just can’t view the Task Manager Screen (Pic. 2).

Pic. 1

Pic. 2

If you manage to go Windows Task Manager Screen, click on Processes. At the of the screen you will see how many total Processes are running. The sample above shows 43.

Result for Windows XP

Processes: 20-30 Excellent
Processes: 31-40 Very Good
Processes: 41-50 Good
Processes: 51-60 Poor
Processes: 61 -80 Bad
Processes: 81 – above Critical

Result for Windows Vista

Processes: 30-40 Excellent
Processes: 41-50 Very Good
Processes: 51-60 Good
Processes: 61-70 Poor
Processes: 71 -90 Bad
Processes: 91 – above Critical

(Test 2) Go to My computer – Tools – Folder Options…
If your Folder Options missing, your computer in critical infection.

(Test 3) During the shutdown, if you receive an error message pop up, it means you have a Windows software problem.

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