Tips and Tricks

20.04.08 - Category: Tips and Tricks.

How to build your own computer

A free tutorial for a low cost solution for a new computer So you want another computer, or maybe you've just thought about getting a new one? The kids are fighting over who's turn it is to use the PC, maybe your current computer is getting a tad bit too slow, ...
18.04.08 - Category: Tips and Tricks.

Basic understanding of harmful Computer infection

1) Spyware A form of malware that is often associated with browser hijacking, keyloggers, and recording / sending web browsing habits to a 3rd party. Spyware is one of the most common forms of malware, and often slows the performance of your computer. Spyware infections occur from clicking on pop-up ...
12.04.08 - Category: Tips and Tricks.

Is your computer in a good condition?

Here is the very basic instruction of checking your Computer from harmful virus, Windows corrupt or computer overload. Before performing the test below, please restart your computer for more accurate result. If you fail any of below basic instruction, you do need our service! Windows XP (Test 1) Press clt + alt + ...

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